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Unrivaled Ingredient Solutions

In this ever-evolving food culture, ADM is at-the-ready with the most on-trend, expansive portfolio and the know-how to work alongside you to create foods and drinks consumers love.

Our protein, sweetener, color, flavor, milling and health and wellness advisors can serve as an extension of your own resources to help you get to market faster with on-trend eating and drinking experiences.


ADM offers a range of citric acid products that are ideal for controlling acidity, providing flavor and color stability and controlling moisture in foods and beverages, including candies, dairy products, meats and seafood.


For high quality, low impurities and clean flavor, ADM’s beverage alcohols are the optimal choice. Odorless and colorless, they allow you to easily upgrade or increase the alcohol content in beverages. We also offer citric acids, high-fructose corn syrup, sorbitol and a broad range of beer-brewing essentials.

Beans and Pulses

ADM offers the most extensive portfolio of bean and pulse-based ingredients and inclusions in the industry. From our line of cooked, dehydrated beans and bean ingredients, to innovative inclusions, including customizable crisps, to our ability to source organic beans and pulses, ADM can help you innovate and differentiate products with these non-GMO, gluten-free superfoods.


Naturalness represents the very essence and ethos of our colors business. With unparalleled access to botanical source materials, including fruit and vegetable foodstuffs, along with our proprietary natural extraction technologies, ADM offers an extensive and innovative line of Colors From Nature?. Meet growing consumer demand for naturalness, and make ADM Colors From Nature your natural clean and clear label source.

Dried Fruits

ADM offers a wide selection of conventional and organic dried fruits and coconut in a range of dices, cuts, pieces, oils and flakes. Varieties include apples, apricots, banana chips, cranberries, mangos, papaya, pineapple and raisins. We can also source diverse varieties and types to fit your exact applications.

Dry Bakery Mixes, Fillings and Icings

The ADM line of ready-to-use dry bakery mixes and bases save you time without sacrificing quality. Backed by years of experience and expert technical support, all our mixes are built from our high-quality flours and are formulated for consistently reliable results. ADM also offers a wide variety of products for your cake, cookie, muffin and donut needs, from luscious bake-stable or ready-to-use fillings to finishings, including ices and glazes. In addition, we can custom-formulate just the right bakery mix, filling and icing to suit your specific needs.

Emulsifiers and Stabilizers

ADM provides naturally derived emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners for a broad range of applications, including baked goods, dairy products, soups, sauces and confections. Our commitment to quality control ensures consistent performance for a variety of specific needs, and our distribution network ensures a dependable supply.

Flavors, Extracts and Distillates

Flavors help define, differentiate and distinguish every eating and drinking experience. ADM is dedicated to offering you the broadest portfolio of solutions to flavor your products and your customers’ world. We offer a diverse range of approaches, enabling us to reach further to find the best solutions for your challenges. Our team of flavor creation, culinary and application advisors helps you innovate for specific flavor objectives.

Flours and Ancient Grains

As one of the leading millers in the U.S., ADM sources hard and soft wheat to meet exacting standards for quality, composition and performance. Our ADM portfolio offers a variety of flours to address a full range of baking needs.

To satisfy today’s consumer demands for new tastes, ADM also offers popular ancient grains and seeds from high-quality sources the world over. We process them to suit a variety of applications. Our variety of ancient grains includes amaranth, chia, quinoa, millet, sorghum, barley and more.

Nutrition and Health

ADM is an industry leader in championing the use of nutritional ingredients and microbial technologies to satisfy today’s health-conscious consumer and innovate new solutions for better living. These healthful ingredients are used by food and beverage as well as supplement suppliers around the world. Our nutritional ingredients include naturally sourced Vitamin E, plant sterols, soy isoflavones, omega-3s, probiotics, peptides, lipids, fibers and functional extracts.

Nuts and Seeds

ADM offers a full line of nuts and seeds, from popular favorites to a selection of exotic tastes from around the world. Choose ADM for nutritious plant proteins, premium peanut oils, peanut extract, versatile peanut flours and hearty seeds. Our product line includes a wide range of bulk raw tree nuts and peanuts, along with further processed and market-ready options. Our seed offering includes barley, buckwheat, chia, flax, hemp, quinoa, sunflower and more. Beyond sourcing, we can also offer turnkey ingredient solutions such as premade clusters that can save R&D time while simplifying the sourcing of natural ingredients.

Oils and Fats

ADM provides world-class quality and consistency in oils and shortenings. From soybean, canola, cottonseed and sunflower to coconut, palm, palm kernel and peanut, our portfolio — the industry’s largest — includes first-rate oils formulated for excellence as ingredients in food production or for repackaging. Whether your goal is lowering saturated fatty acids, extending shelf life, making a front-of-package claim or simply producing quality products, we will help you find the solution that best suits your formulation.


ADM is your partner for delicious and nutritious finished gluten-free pasta from only non-GMO or organic raw materials. Our culinary and development teams can work with you to design the blend that best meets your goals and consumer tastes.


ADM is at the forefront of plant-based proteins with an ever-expanding portfolio of minimally processed, non-GMO and organic options. Our extensive selection includes everything from highly concentrated custom proteins to whole-food ingredients. Partner with ADM for solutions that deliver real-food credentials, protein and texture-based solutions — and much more.


ADM offers a line of unmodified, modified and pregelatinized starches that function as binders, thickeners, extenders, emulsion stabilizers and ingredient carriers. Our products in this area are flavor-neutral and are designed to improve texture and tenderness in a variety of foods, including baked goods, snacks, dry mixes, canned or glassed foods, pet treats and many other products.

Sweeteners and Sweetening Solutions

Meeting nutrition, labeling, taste and cost parameters is more challenging than ever. ADM understands these challenges well and has assembled the industry’s most comprehensive sweeteners and sweetening solutions portfolio and experts to help you meet your needs. From singular sweetening ingredients to custom blends to complete synergistic sweetening systems, ADM has the widest range of solutions to help you succeed in today’s evolving food and beverage culture.

Non-GMO and Organics

ADM continues to help you appeal to label-aware consumers by offering our ever-expanding portfolio of non-GMO and organic ingredients. Our non-GMO and organic offerings include ancient grains, dried fruits, beans, pulses, flavors, emulsifiers, proteins, oils, tree nuts, peanuts, seeds and nutritional ingredients.

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